Legal Support Services

Environmental litigation support involves much more than technical expertise when resources and reputations are at stake. Successful support requires the ability to educate, contribute to trial strategy, and present facts in both a concise and understandable way.

CRG Texas has provided expert testimony and litigation support services for property owners or property buyers including legal interpretation of environmental regulations, environmental assessment standards, client attorney privileged support, or to present claims against another party.

With a substantial practice in environmental litigation support, investigation, remediation, regulatory negotiations and compliance, we help attorneys successfully plan for and meet the legal needs of their clients.

Identify the Client’s Needs

The environmental attorney should first identify the level of experience needed in an environmental consultant to properly assist the client. The level of experience required is minimal for a consultant performing a simple Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in connection with the acquisition of property. However, specialized experience may be needed to assist in evaluating the cleanup of releases of complex chemicals to the environment. The environmental consultant selected by the attorney should properly meet the needs of the client’s project.

Consultants and lawyers may have different views of the work needed to allow the attorney to provide legal services, this difference typically involves what type and how many samples are necessary, or to what level of assessment is required to address the client’s needs.
• Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
• Estate Settlement
• Commercial Real Estate Transaction Due Diligence
• Oil & Gas Lease Assessment and Corrective Action
• Spill Response Assessment and Corrective Action



  • The attorney and consultant should prepare the scope or work according to the Client’s needs to provide the appropriate approach from pre-assessment, to environmental due diligence, to permitting, and work plan approval from the appropriate environmental agency.
  • Al reports submitted to regulatory agencies, should be reviewed by an environmental consultant prior to submission.