Consultant Support Services

Environmental consultants play an essential role in our modern economy by protecting natural resources for future generations. Also, these companies play an essential role in reducing the unfavorable impact of industrial, commercial, and government initiatives on the environment.

Next time your Architecture, Engineering, or Consulting company has a project related to environmental compliance, considering hiring an environmental consultant who has the experience and high-quality track record to address your client’s needs.

Partnering with an environmental consultant who is already an expert on these issues will help to navigate environmental issues more efficiently and with improved results.

Environmental consultants can assist Architects, Engineers, and Professional Consultants with assessing their past and present site conditions, keep site development moving along and oversee environmental issues and regulatory agency reporting.

The following are the Consultant Support Services we provide on a day-to-day basis to engineers, architects, and other consultants.

  • Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments
  • Phase III TCEQ and Railroad Commission Regulatory Corrective Actions
  • Asbestos and Mold Consulting
  • Ecological and NEPA Permitting
  • Waste Management
  • Aquifer Testing
  • 3rd Party Environmental Reviews
  • Specialty Services