What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment:

Phase I environmental site assessment

 Phase 1 ESA ASTM E1527-13


A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment  defines good commercial and customary practice in the U.S. for conducting an environmental site assessment of a parcel of commercial real estate. This practice is intended to meet the EPA's All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standards.

Our Phase I ESAs are performed in accordance with the ASTM E1527 - 13 Standard Practice for ESA's : Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Process.

 All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI)

All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) is the formal process of assessing properties for the presence or potential presence of environmental contamination, it will evaluate historical and current use of the property in an effort to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs) and historical recognized environmental conditions (HREC) in connection with the subject property, AAI is obtained by complete a Phase I ESA.

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