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environmental services for farm and ranch

January 2023 Newsletter | Environmental Services for Farm & Ranch Properties

Farm and Ranch properties are often contaminated due to past or current use of Pesticides, Herbicides, and fertilizers. Because of Read More »

Merry Christmas From CRG Texas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and during this season our thoughts turn thankfully to the clients who Read More »

Commercial real estate

December 2022 Newsletter Article: New Year New Property

Know this Before Closing on a Commercial Real Estate Deal As we head closer to the end of the year, Read More »

November 2022 Newsletter Article : Issues at Historic and Active Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Sites.

  Land development at former and current oil and gas exploration and production sites raises the possibility of environmental and Read More »

commercial property transaction

October Newsletter: Steps to Take Before Closing on a Commercial Property Transaction

Whether you are the seller, buyer, lender, or other stakeholder in a commercial real estate  property transaction, it is important to evaluate your Read More »

September Newsletter: Accidental Petroleum Spills & Releases

Millions of gallons of oil and natural gas are securely transported by trucks, pipelines, and several tanker ships every day Read More »

Happy Labor Day!

  CRG Texas would like to wish all of our wonderful clients, partners, and staff members a Happy Labor Day Read More »

Environmental Services For Oil and Gas

Environmental Services For Oil and Gas

  Environmental consulting and remediation for the oil and gas industry plays a huge role on minimizing environmental contamination risks Read More »

Sources of Environmental Contamination

Environmental Contamination is the state of land or water in which any chemical substance or waste from known and unknown Read More »

ENvironmental Due Diligence

May 2022 Newsletter

Environmental Due Diligence: Phase 1 & Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments When a commercial real estate transaction is made, hidden Read More »