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September Newsletter: Accidental Petroleum Spills & Releases

Millions of gallons of oil and natural gas are securely transported by trucks, pipelines, and several tanker ships every day Read More »

Happy Labor Day!

  CRG Texas would like to wish all of our wonderful clients, partners, and staff members a Happy Labor Day Read More »

Environmental Services For Oil and Gas

Environmental Services For Oil and Gas

  Environmental consulting and remediation for the oil and gas industry plays a huge role on minimizing environmental contamination risks Read More »

Sources of Environmental Contamination

Environmental Contamination is the state of land or water in which any chemical substance or waste from known and unknown Read More »

ENvironmental Due Diligence

May 2022 Newsletter

Environmental Due Diligence: Phase 1 & Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments When a commercial real estate transaction is made, hidden Read More »

What is In-situ Remediation? – April 2022 Newsletter

Do You Know What In-situ Remediation is? When an In-Situ remediation is conducted, it is primarily because there is petroleum Read More »

March 2022 Newsletter: Construction Related Environmental Consulting

 Is Construction Related Environmental Consulting Right for you? Construction related environmental consulting and remediation services are normally required where contamination Read More »

Voluntary Cleaup Program

February 2022 Newsletter – Voluntary Cleanup Program

 Voluntary Cleanup Program The main area of focus today will be on the Voluntary Cleanup Program. The VCP addresses sites Read More »

Welcome to the team Katie Brice!

We are so happy to welcome Katie Brice to the CRG team! Katie is a licensed Geologist in Training (G.I.T.) Read More »

January 2022 Newsletter

WETLANDS IDENTIFICATION ON COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES How do wetlands affect commercial property development? The development of a commercial property can be Read More »