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Site Cleanup and Corrective Action Services

At CRG Texas, our core mission is to specialize in environmental remediation, aiding clients in addressing the intricate challenges linked to environmental contamination. Collaborating closely with businesses, industries, government agencies, and communities, we pinpoint areas affected by contamination, assess the scope and severity, and formulate comprehensive plans for effective remediation.

What is Environmental Remediation?

Environmental remediation refers to the process of identifying, assessing, and addressing environmental contamination in order to restore or improve the quality of the environment. As an environmental consulting firm, our expertise lies in helping clients identify and mitigate the impacts of pollutants, hazardous substances, or other contaminants on land and water. We employ a range of techniques and technologies to remediate contaminated sites, such as soil and groundwater remediation, Excavation and Disposal Services, and more. Our goal is to assist clients in achieving regulatory compliance, minimizing environmental risks, and promoting sustainable practices. Through our comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations and our technical expertise, we work towards creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for communities.


The Terminology:

Site Cleanup

Sites where the site cleanup work involved does not require sampling, lab analysis, and regulatory agency reporting, except for waste stream characterization and disposal for one-time special waste codes from the TCEQ.

Site Remediation or Corrective Action

Sites where the work involved would be due to a reportable release to the environment requiring site remediation or corrective action and either TCEQ or RRCTX regulatory agency reporting. This type of remediation would also require sampling, laboratory chemical analysis, and Agency reporting to close a case under enforcement, voluntary cleanup, or self implementation to screen out of TRRP.


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Site Cleanup and Corrective Action Services

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