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Welcome to CRG Texas, a leading provider of comprehensive environmental field services. Our experienced team of environmental professionals specializes in conducting soil boring tests, groundwater sampling, and installation of groundwater monitoring wells. Through our field services, we help businesses identify potential impacts to soil and groundwater, enabling effective environmental management and regulatory compliance.

Soil and Groundwater Sampling Services

CRG Texas installs soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells to identify impacts to soil and groundwater. Borings may be shallow or extend into the groundwater bearing units beneath the surface. The vertical and horizontal extent of contamination needed for delineation needs to be delineated.


Groundwater Sampling:

Accurate groundwater sampling is crucial for assessing the quality and contamination levels of groundwater resources. At CRG Texas we offer expert groundwater sampling services to businesses across various industries. Our process includes:

Site Evaluation and Planning:

  • Our team conducts a thorough site evaluation, identifying key sampling locations based on project goals and regulatory requirements.
  • We assess the site's hydrogeology, water table depth, and potential sources of contamination to develop an effective sampling plan.

Sampling Equipment and Techniques:

  • We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and industry-approved techniques to collect representative groundwater samples.
  • Our professionals adhere to strict protocols, ensuring sample integrity and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Laboratory Analysis and Reporting:

  • After sampling, we send the collected groundwater samples to accredited laboratories for comprehensive analysis.
  • Our team interprets the laboratory results, providing detailed reports that outline the presence of contaminants and their potential impacts.
soil and groundwater sampling

Groundwater sampling methods used:

  • Low Flow Low Stress Sampling
  • Hand Purge Total Fluids Bailing
  • Discreet Packer Pump Sampling
  • Passive Diffusion Bag Sampling
  • Peristaltic, Submersible, and Bladder Pump Sampling

Learn more about each groundwater sampling method

Groundwater Monitoring Wells:

Installation of groundwater monitoring wells is crucial for long-term environmental management and regulatory compliance. We offer professional groundwater monitoring well installation services. Our process includes:

Site Assessment and Design:

  • Our team assesses the site's hydrogeology, regulatory requirements, and project goals to develop an optimal monitoring well design.
  • We determine the appropriate well depth, screen placement, and construction materials to ensure accurate and reliable groundwater monitoring.

Installation and Development:

  • Using industry-standard techniques, we install monitoring wells to specified depths, ensuring proper well development for optimal water sample collection.
  • Our professionals follow best practices and adhere to regulatory guidelines to ensure the integrity and functionality of the monitoring wells.


Soil Boring Tests:

Soil borings are essential for assessing subsurface soil conditions and identifying potential contaminants. We offer expert soil boring services to businesses seeking to understand soil quality and potential impacts. Our process includes:

Subsurface Investigation:

  • We conduct subsurface investigations to determine the appropriate locations for soil borings.
  • Our team evaluates the site's history, hydrogeology, and potential contamination sources to guide the selection of sampling locations.

Soil Boring Techniques:

  • Using advanced drilling equipment and techniques, we collect soil samples at various depths.
  • Our professionals ensure proper sample handling and preservation to maintain sample integrity during transportation to the laboratory.

Laboratory Analysis and Reporting:

  • We send the soil samples to accredited laboratories for comprehensive analysis of potential contaminants.
  • Our team interprets the laboratory results, providing detailed reports that highlight soil quality, potential impacts, and recommendations for further action if needed.

Ensure proper assessment of soil and groundwater conditions with the expertise of CRG Texas Environmental Services.

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