Environmental Field Services

 Soil and Groundwater Sampling Services

CRG Texas installs soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells to identify impacts to soil and groundwater. Borings may be shallow or extend into the groundwater bearing units beneath the surface. The vertical and horizontal extent of contamination needed for delineation needs to be delineated.


 Environmental Field Services - Groundwater sampling methods used:

  • Low Flow Low Stress Sampling
  • Hand Purge Total Fluids Bailing
  • Discreet Packer Pump Sampling
  • Passive Diffusion Bag Sampling
  • Peristaltic, Submersible, and Bladder Pump Sampling

 Groundwater Sampling Low Flow-Submersible Pump-Passive Diffusion Bag Discrete

The purpose of groundwater sampling is to obtain an accurate, representative water sample and transfer it to the laboratory for analysis. Groundwater sampling is effective according to the site conditions, regulatory program, and other data quality objectives. The low flow sampling method is used to facilitate fresh groundwater sample collection using low flow rates without putting stress on the aquifer.