Environmental Services

CRG Texas Environmental Services is a full service of environmental and ecological consulting firm in the areas of environmental due diligence, risk management, regulatory compliance, field assessment and investigation, remediation, petroleum storage tank services, AST/ UST Compliance, Installations, Upgrades, and Removals.

Environmental Due Diligence Services

CRG Texas performs Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III environmental site assessments (ESAs) and cleanups throughout North America for private and government projects at commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.   » Learn More

Petroleum Storage Tank Services

CRG provides detailed compliance inspections and personnel training to assist in risk management, pollution prevention, and regulatory compliance. CRG Texas also has extensive experience in AST and UST system design, permitting, registration, installation, removal, and in-place closure.
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Environmental Remediation Services

CRG has extensive experience in the management of soil and groundwater remediation systems. In addition, CRG Texas maintains a group of professionals with specific experience and expertise in the assessment, remediation, and management of oil and gas exploration and production facilities, retail marketing facilities, bulk fuel transportation facilities, and petroleum refineries.
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Soil and Groundwater Sampling – Field Services

CRG Texas provides various methods of groundwater sampling effective according to the site conditions, regulatory program, and other data quality objectives. CRG Texas installs soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells to identify impacts to soil and groundwater the vertical and horizontal extent of contamination needed for delineation.   » Learn More

Specialty Services

CRG Texas provides the following Environmental specialty services:

  • Aquifer Pump and Slug Testing
  • Magnetometer and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys
  • GPS Surveys
  • Off Road and Difficult Access Sampling
  • Well development and discreet groundwater sampling
  • Product recovery and abatement
  • Industrial cleaning — vacuum truck, line jetting, power washing services
  • Spill cleanup, release determination, and delineation

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