Product Recovery

Product recovery is required for surface and subsurface releases of free phase product.

Soil vapor is gas in the spaces between soil particles. Chemicals and fuel used to operate vehicles, airplanes, and generators sometimes escape into the environment. Past disposal of chemicals has contributed to soil and groundwater contamination. Soil vapor extraction air emissions sometimes require scrubbing or thermal oxidation treatment.

Product Recovery Methods Include:

  • Vacuum truck removal, transportation, and disposal
  • Absorbent booms, pads, and skimmers
  • Automated system installation, operations and maintenance
  • Manual bailing and product skimming

Mobile Dual Phase Extraction Services

CRG Texas Environmental Services, mobilizes experienced labor along with the necessary materials and equipment to perform mobile dual phase product recovery of soil vapor and impacted groundwater. In-situ technology uses pumps to remove various combinations of contaminated groundwater, separate-phase petroleum product, and hydrocarbon vapor from the subsurface.

MDPE Services Include:

  • High Vacuum Dual Phase Extraction
  • Bio-slurping Product and Vapor Recovery

Waste Minimization:

Source area soils can be remediated to facilitate groundwater remediation, thus reducing overall costs. Source area soils can be remediated in place or removed, then the groundwater may be remediated without rebound of the (bad actor) chemicals of concern. Using the proper techniques in concert will drastically reduce time frames and overall costs for the project.

Learn about In-situ Remediation here

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Remediation System Operations & Maintenance

CRG Texas Environmental remediation Services provides the necessary materials, equipment, and labor to meet your project, schedule, budget, and site setting characteristics. We have been successful in closing dry cleaner remediation program (DCRP) and leaking petroleum storage tank (LPST) cases quickly and effectively in accordance with regulatory requirements while saving our customers time and money.

Remediation systems for soil and groundwater require operations and maintenance to keep the systems running as designed and to optimize efficiency by making field adjustments accordingly.