CRG Texas Disaster Response Services


CRG Texas is well versed in all aspects of disaster response and debris management operations from pre-planning, to coordination and tracking of manpower, equipment, and materials used as well as assessment, corrective action, and regulatory agency reporting. The extensive experience of our principals, managers, and personnel affords extensive knowledge of the Federal and State regulatory framework needed to effectively track projects and maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and reimbursements from these agencies.

Environmental Assessments

Baseline Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for debris management sites are provided for baseline assessment and post assessment purposes to document site conditions before and after debris are handled.

Environmental Initial Abatement and Remediation

Initial abatement and site remediation for surface water, surface soil, sediment, shallow soil, and groundwater impacted are provided for sites affected by hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.

Debris Segregation and Waste Management

Debris from sites affected by hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters must be managed by proper segregation, waste profiling, loading, hauling, and transportation to appropriate waste disposal facilities.

TCEQ Rules were recently relaxed due to Hurricane Harvey

Consistent with the Governor’s Proclamation of August 23, 2017 and the amendment to the Proclamation dated August 27, 2017, the Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requests written approval for the suspension of the following rules because they prevent, hinder or delay necessary action in coping with Hurricane Harvey.

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