CRG Texas Environmental is hiring for a Senior Level Environmental Scientist position.

Join the CRG Texas Team!

We are a dedicated team of professionals and industry leaders working together with our clients and the regulatory agency community on some of the most challenging projects of our time. We are joined in our commitment to providing high quality solutions for our clients and are passionate about making the world a better place through our work. We work collaboratively with one another and with our clients. We believe in hard work, innovation, communication, integrity, and professionalism. Above all, we believe in our employees. As a member of the CRG Texas family, you are empowered to share ideas, recognized and appreciated for work well done, offered opportunities for continued growth, and encouraged to chart your own environmental career path.

CRG Texas is looking for scientists, technologists and engineers to join the team in providing environmental and ecological consulting services in a dynamic learning environment. Highly qualified candidates will have the opportunities necessary to grow with us research that can help make this a cleaner, more sustainable planet by “caring for our environment’s future”.

Our current career position open is for a Senior Level Environmental Scientist.

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