CRG Texas had a fun and educational day out in the field with Texas State Technical College students!

CRG Texas ESI, in concert with Envirotech Drilling, Xenco Laboratories, and Ajax Environmental & Safety Supply are working with Yvette Vaughan, Environmental Compliance Instructor of the Environmental Technology Program at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Fort Bend campus as a community outreach project to provide field demonstration and instruction for the installation and sampling of permanent groundwater monitoring wells that are typically used to assess the soil and groundwater quality at sites where environmental impact is suspected or known.  The exercise is intended to give real time, as well as classroom instruction, to the students of the environmental technology program ( in the areas of soil and groundwater assessment.

Activities include groundwater monitoring well installation, soil sample logging, screening, and selection, groundwater level measurement, groundwater sampling, and laboratory chemical analysis.  The permanent wells will provide subsequent opportunities for student instruction in this area of the environmental sciences for years to come.  CRG Texas, Envirotech, Xenco, and Ajax are all honored to be part of this community outreach project!