TCEQ Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP)

The Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) rule (30 TAC 350) provides consistent procedures for investigating environmental releases from any source that threaten or affect groundwater, surface water, or sediment. A key aspect of TRRP is the tables of protective concentration levels (PCLs), which provide default values of maximum chemical concentrations that can exist in the soil or water without requiring further corrective action. Regulatory Guidance document RG-366 titled “Application of Remedy Standards A and B”.

This guidance document introduces and explains Remedy Standards A and B as established under TRRP. The goal is to give a basic understanding of the requirements of each remedy standard, an understanding of flexibility provided by the different remedy standards, and to make the reader aware of factors that are important in deciding which remedy standard may be appropriate for the affected property.
Remedy Standard A- Remedy Standard A is a “pollution cleanup” remedy that requires the affected media to be removed and/or decontaminated.
Remedy Standard B- Remedy Standard B is an “exposure prevention” remedy and allows removal, decontamination, and control remedies or control remedies alone.

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