Attorneys and Environmental Consultants Working as a Team

Environmental litigation support involves appropriate technical expertise when resources and reputations are at stake. Successful environmental litigation support requires the ability to educate, contribute to trial strategy, and present facts in both a concise and understandable way.

Attorneys often provide their client’s Environmental Litigation involving environmental conditions of a property using environmental consultants. The consultant puts results into context with the recommendations to provide the next appropriate steps or to conclude a resolution of legal matters.

When is Environmental Litigation support needed?

• Threats of legal action over contamination issues
• Historical Site Analysis
• Questions and concerns of liability with neighboring properties
• Report Preparation
• Expert witness support and testimony
• Questions and concerns of compliance with existing, evolving, or emerging regulations
• Non-testifying litigation support
• Review of reports and data
• Grounds for legal action against another property or company
• Aerial photo interpretation
• Mediation and cost allocation
• Cleanup cost estimation and cost recovery
• Real estate planning for contaminated sites left for inheritance

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