Project Spotlight: Texas State Technical College (TSTC) – Environmental Technology Department

Groundwater Low-Stress (Low-Flow) Water Sampling

Demonstration By:
• Camilo Cardenas – Environmental Technician IV
• Ramiro Motta – Environmental Technician II
Prepared For:
• Texas State Technical College – Environmental Technology Department

CRG Texas Environmental Services, in concert with Ajax Environmental & Safety Supply, are working with Ms. Yvette Vaughan, Environmental Compliance Instructor of the Environmental Technology Program at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Fort Bend campus as a community outreach project to provide field demonstration and instruction for Groundwater Low-Stress (Low-Flow) Water Sampling. The exercise is intended to give real-time, as well as classroom instruction, to the students of the environmental technology program ( in the area of Groundwater Low-Stress (Low-Flow) Water Sampling.

Activities included groundwater monitoring, gauging, running calculations for monitoring well volumes, purging by low flow using a Horiba U-52 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter and peristaltic pump, and demonstrated sample collection.

CRG Texas Environmental Services was honored to donate an additional $20,000 well for the project demonstration and to be part of this community outreach project, once again and many more years to come!

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