Hidden environmental problems can be discovered during commercial real estate deals, costing millions of dollars. If you’re going to make a property transaction including a purchase, sale, lease, or refinancing, then environmental due diligence will be a key tool for managing risks and avoiding liabilities.​​

Environmental due diligence can take many forms to include; Environmental Questionnaires, Transaction Screens, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and full Environmental Compliance Audits (ECAs). A Phase I ESA is a report prepared for commercial real estate transactions. Additionaly, it identifies potential or existing environmental impact liabilities. A Phase II ESA includes sampling and laboratory analysis of soil, groundwater, surface water, and soil vapor where impacts are most likely to be present. An ECA consists of regulatory agency records review for waste, stormwater, air permitting, and health and safety.

CRG Texas is a full service environmental and ecological consulting firm offering services in the areas of compliance, due diligence, assessment, corrective action, and regulatory agency reporting. We are a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Registered Corrective Action Specialist (RCAS) with Corrective Action Project Managers (CAPMs) on staff, TCEQ A&B Licensed Supervisors (LOSSs), Class B Licensed Petroleum Storage Tank Contractor, and the Texas Board of Professional Geo-scientists Registered Geo-science Firm.

CRG Texas performs Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III environmental site assessments (ESA’s) and cleanups throughout North America for private and government projects at commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.

Property and facility types include:

  • Commercial Retail, Low Rise, and High Rise
  • Residential Development Sites
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing
  • Agricultural, Farming, and Industrial Properties
  • Federal, State, County, Municipal Facilities
  • Petroleum Storage Tank Sites Bulk Fuel Storage and Airport Facilities
  • Oil and Gas Tool, Production, Exploration Sites