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January 2023 Newsletter | Environmental Services for Farm & Ranch Properties

Farm and Ranch properties are often contaminated due to past or current use of Pesticides, Herbicides, and fertilizers. Because of these uses, surface water and ground water can become a risk to livestock, humans, crops, forestry and vegetation.

Past and current uses of petroleum fuel and lubricant which is used to fuel and maintain agriculture equipment can also produce hazardous waste that can potentially impact human health and the environment.


What to do Before Buying a Ranch or Farm

If you plan on buying a ranch or farm property, you will want to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and follow it up with Phase II ESA if recognized environmental conditions are identified during the Phase I ESA.


Bottom Line

As you can gather, most farm and ranch properties use petroleum and hazardous chemicals and may also have an on-site landfill. It is extremely important to make sure everything is clear from contamination by getting the land assessed.


​Farm Properties Services:

Recognized environmental conditions associated with farm & ranch properties include:
Cattle dipping vats
Farm equipment maintenance areas
Pesticide and Herbicide storage areas
Underground and above ground petroleum storage tanks
Hazardous chemicals storage areas
Debris and garbage dump and burn areas
Ranch Properties Services

CRG provides services for:

Ranch lands
Utility rights of way
Private Landowners
Land development
Due Diligence

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