Environmental Litigation Support: How CRG Texas Can Help

Environmental litigation cases can be complex, with various scientific and technical issues to unravel. As an environmental consulting firm, we can provide critical support to legal teams to help strengthen their cases.

Here are some of the key ways we assist with environmental litigation:

Examining the Site: We thoroughly examine the site in question, looking for any signs of contamination or violations. This includes taking soil, water, and air samples for laboratory analysis. We take meticulous notes and photographs to document the site conditions. Our scientists interpret the analytical results to determine if and how contamination may have occurred.

Reconstructing Events: We work to piece together the sequence of events that led to the alleged contamination or violation. This may involve reviewing historical records, interviewing witnesses, and researching past site uses and conditions. Our technical experts analyze all available information in an effort to determine when, where, and how the incident occurred.

Testifying as Expert Witnesses: Our project managers and senior scientists can serve as expert witnesses, providing testimony on our findings and opinions about the environmental issues involved. We have extensive experience conveying complex scientific information in easy-to-understand terms for judges and juries. Our expert testimony lends credibility to the case.

Drawing Conclusions: By thoroughly investigating the incident, we analyze the root causes and evaluate if and how regulations or best practices may have been violated. We provide clear conclusions on how the evidence supports or refutes the allegations. Our independent analysis aims to get to the facts.

Recommending Solutions: Where contamination has occurred, we suggest solutions for remediation and cleanup actions to minimize environmental impacts now and into the future. We outline the pros and cons of various options so the legal team can select the best path forward.

Litigation support service areas include commercial real estate, oil & gas, farm & ranch, industrial, and manufacturing sites.

With our technical expertise and meticulous scientific investigation, we uncover the pertinent facts to support the strongest possible legal case. Let CRG Texas environmental Services Inc., help with your next litigation support need.

CRG Texas was engaged by a law firm to provide environmental consulting and legal support for a privately owned oil & gas lease where three operators were identified during release investigations to soil, groundwater, and surface water. After initial and subsequent iterations of Phase II environmental site assessment work was conducted, a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) was prepared. The releases were caused from pipeline and tank releases at crude oil well sites, product and produced water tank batteries, pump jacks, and compressor stations. In addition, several mud pits were investigated. Following the assessment work, CRG Texas was retained to prepare the RAP for submittal to the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) and the stakeholders, and CRG Texas was ultimately retained to also conduct soil and groundwater remediation and site restoration, and RRC case closures for each of the operators at each of the affected areas of the 10,000-acre property.