Environmental Consulting for Farm and Ranch Owners in Texas

Environmental Consulting for Farm and Ranch Owners in Texas

At CRG Texas Environmental Services Inc. (CRG Texas), we take pride in providing tailored environmental consulting services that specifically benefit farm and ranch owners. Our expertise encompasses a range of crucial elements designed to address the unique challenges faced by the operations at these properties.

Environmental Site Assessment – Phase I & Phase II:

Understanding the environmental quality of a farm and ranch property is fundamental to protecting your assets and limiting your liabilities. This is important when either buying or selling a property or when engaging in a lease where petroleum products or hazardous chemicals may pose a threat to human health and the environment.

Phase I environmental site assessments (Phase I ESAs) examine the property to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs). Subsequently when required, Phase II environmental site assessments (Phase II ESAs) delve deeper, providing an in-depth sampling and laboratory chemical analysis of soil,

groundwater, drinking water, sediment, and surface water at areas where suspected or confirmed releases commonly occur. By proactively addressing the environmental concerns, we empower farm and ranch stakeholders to make informed decisions pursuant to continued operations or property real estate transactions.

Site Cleanup Based on Phase I and II Findings:

When our assessments reveal environmental risks, we offer safe, effective, and efficient site cleanup solutions to mitigate or remediate the impacted areas identified in Phase I ESAs and Phase II ESAs, thus reducing uncertainties and minimizing environmental risks.

Site Remediation from Past Oil and Gas Exploration:

Farm and ranch property with a history of crop and livestock production and oil and gas exploration often face unique challenges. Our services are tailored to address the environmental impact of past activities and provide effective solutions to environmental issues.

How We Assist Farm and Ranch Owners:

Farm and ranch owners can trust us to navigate the complexities of environmental regulations promulgated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Railroad Commission of Texas

(RRCTX) as they relate to potential environmental risks. Our team is equipped to handle most aspects of site assessment, cleanup, remediation, and demolition, providing peace of mind to stakeholders involved. CRG Texas delivers practical and effective solutions to farm and ranch owners, oil & gas lease holders, and family estates.

For inquiries or to discuss how our services can benefit your farm & ranch properties, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us help you cultivate a safe and productive future for your farm or ranch property.